Implant Restoration

Dental implants in Union City 

Implants are the best way to restore missing teeth and it does not involve prepping adjacent teeth. Implants are made of titanium which is extremely biocompatible; it acts as the root and foundation of the subsequent crown which will be placed on top of the implant. After the implant is placed, there is a healing period where the bone fuses into the implant. Once the fusion has occurred, an abutment is fitted over the implant, and this abutment is where we would attach the final crown. For the placement of the implant, we would refer you to surgeons in the area who we have solid working relationships with and share the same philosophy of how we treat our patients. Once the surgeon has determined that the integrity of the implant is satisfactory, Dr. Leon Chang will then restore the implant with the necessary abutment and final crown.