Preventative Care

Let us help you maintain your beautiful smile

At Leon Chang, DDS we strive to help patients maintain their beautiful smiles. This starts with proper diagnosis of their oral health, regular scheduled cleanings at least twice a year and reviewing sound oral hygiene instructions at home. We are here not only to treat and maintain teeth, but the entire oral cavity as a whole. This includes consistent monitoring of your gum tissue measurements, routine oral cancer screenings and of course the health of your dentition. During each exam, the doctor will check each tooth for decay, cracks, broken existing fillings as well as loose crowns or fillings if they are present. In the United States, almost half of the population has some form of gum disease. At our office we properly diagnose whether there is gum disease present as well as its severity. This will ensure that the patient is receiving the adequate care they need. Gum disease is not curable but it can be prevented and suppressed with proper gum treatment and home care. Sometimes a patient may need a more thorough deep cleaning. This requires the need to numb the gum tissue so that the patient will be comfortable while the hygienist removes build up from below the gum line. After the deep cleaning is done, there will be a follow up visit with the hygienist to ensure that the gum tissue is healing properly and that the patient is maintaining their gum tissue adequately at home.