Night Guards &
Sleep Appliances

Get a better nights sleep with our custom night guards

Patients who suffer from bruxism or extensive teeth clenching can find relief with the use of a night guard. Night guards are usually 4mm in thickness and are made of a strong acrylic outer layer and a soft polyurethane inner layer making it super comfortable and retentive for the patient while providing maximum durability. Wearing the guard nightly will prevent premature wear as a result of teeth on teeth clenching. 

At Leon Chang, DDS we also offer appliances which help maintain a clear airway and thus prevent snoring while you sleep. The appliance consists of an upper and lower tray which fits over your teeth similar to a night guard. Using connectors which attach to the upper and lower trays, the lower jaw is comfortably moved to a forward position which results in an open airway. The sleep appliance comes with connectors in various sizes so the patient can achieve the most comfortable position which allows them to sleep comfortably at night.